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CPA, CMA, CGA, IQEX, Professional Development (PD) and IFRS Training, Courses, Workshops, In-House Seminars

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Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc. specializes in providing a wide variety of PD training courses and seminars (e.g.  Critical Issues, IFRS, ASPE and Tax Refresher courses) in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal,  Toronto and Vancouver.

Advantage Montreal Seminars offers over 200 PD-CPE seminars per year across Canada and the United States catering to the needs of accounting professionals in industry and public practice.  The PD-CPE courses cover the latest developments and current issues in Accounting , Auditing and Taxation.

In addition, Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc. offers  CPA, IQEX, CMA and CGA review, coaching, prep, seminars, courses and programs for individuals seeking to pass the CPA, IQEX, CMA and CGA exams since 1991.  These CPA, IQEX, CMA and CGA programs provide the link to success on the professional exams.

The IQEX coaching, prep, seminar, course is offered over 4 consecutive days in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. 

Find out what past participants have to say about our CPA, IQEX, CMA and CGA seminars, courses and programs at the testimonial page.

The IQEX, CPA, CMA and CGA coachings, prep, seminars, courses and programs are taught by Leah Donti since 1991.  The courses are based on the latest syllabus of each exam.  The coachings span over several weeks and give special attention to the most difficult topics tested on the professional exams.  In the seminars, a study plan is prepared to help each candidate keep up with weekly studying.  The training courses include exam simulations, study guides and numerous practice questions.  The study programs are done with small classes.

For further information, please contact Leah Donti.

Courses include:

Our programs are in conformace with Bill c.D-7.1, r.0.2,a.11 (Loi sur les compétences).