PD Course Advantages - Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc.

Invest in Yourself. Know More, Earn More!

Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc. provides in-depth, customized training to CPA professionals looking to advance their careers in Accounting, Finance, Tax and Management topics.

Every year, we offer over 200 leading-edge CPA, CGA, CMA and CA PD courses/seminars across Canada and the United States.

We are proud to be distinguished by our expertise, reliability and integrity which is reflected in our extensive client list.

Advantages of Our CPA Courses

Gain knowledge to advance your career! What sets our PD courses apart from the rest? Our CPA PD courses:

  • Cover the hot issues and technical updates affecting the CPA profession. 
  • Offer content on the latest developments affecting the CPA profession.
  • Maximize learning by providing numerous examples and cases that apply the knowledge to real life settings, unlike other PD providers that provide general theory in a boring and uninspiring way.
  • Small class size to enable discussions and networking.
  • Change every year in each city to enable our CPA clientele to stay current while completing their PD requirements.
  • Are for CPAs who want to be value-added to their clients or company - not just get free PD with general information and without an understanding of how it applies to their work setting.
  • Offer CPA professionals 8 hours PD per day versus others that provide 7 hours for the same price.

Course Presenter

Leah Donti, a high energy presenter, has won achievement awards for making a boring topic very interesting. Leah's extensive knowledge and ability to simplify complex technical topics in an easy way to understand is second to none.  Since 1991, Leah has delivered over 4,000 public seminars, in-house training and conferences.


Our programs are in conformace with Bill c.D-7.1, r.0.2,a.11 (Loi sur les compétences).