Tax PD Courses & Seminars for CPA, CGA, CMA and CA professionals

We offer 7 courses in the Tax series.  The PD courses provide the latest updates in Personal, Corporate and Private Company Tax.

CPA, CGA, CMA and CA professionals earn 8 hours of PD per day of training and receive a PD attestation.

Private Company Business Plannin 2018

Course 2005: Private Company Tax Issues in 2018

  • Federal Budget Changes - Small Business Deduction
  • CRA Audit Process for SME Tax Audits
  • How to Manage a CRA Audit
  • Tax Implications of Separation and Divorce for the Owner-Manager
  • Tax Issues the Business Owner Should Consider When Selling Their Business
  • Changes to Trusts and Estates
  • Strategic Planning for the Owner-Managed Company
  • Management Fees
  • A Variety of Cases are Reviewed
Private Company Company Business Planning

Course 2007: Private Company Business Planning & Tax Issues in 2017

    • Cash Management for Small and Medium Businesses
    • Hiring Family Members and Splitting Income to Keep More of Your Money
    • Planning for Crisis Situations: Illness, Family Strife and Breakups
    • Succession Planning
    • Strategies for Successful Family Business Planning
    • Planning Through all of the Business Life Cycles
    • Planning for the Founder's Tax Efficient Retreat
    • Allowable Business Deductions
    • Succession Planning:  From a Legal Perspective
    • Estate Planning - Tips & Traps
    • Year End Tax Planning
    • Miscellaneous Tax Issues
CPA In-House PD - Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc.

Course Tax 2008: GST and Canadian Sales Tax: Hot Topics and Issues

This PD course is for industry accountants and public practitioners looking to get a solid understanding of how GST, HST, QST and PST works. The course covers:

  • The 7 Most Common GST and HST Audit Exposures
  • The 6 Most Common QST and PST Audit Exposures
  • Concepts and Principles of GST/HST and QST
  • Best Practices for Planning for a Sales Tax Audit
  • Managing a GST/HST Sales Tax Audit
  • The 4 Most Common Sales Tax Issues with Employee Benefits
  • The 5 Top Reassessment Sales Tax Issues
  • The Canadian Value added Tax System
  • British Columbia's New Provincial Sales Tax System
  • How Sales Tax Works on Taxable Employee Benefits
  • GST/HST for Charities and Non-for-Profits
U.S. Tax Reform and How it affects Canadians - Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc.

Course Tax 2009: How U.S. Tax Reform Impacts Canadians in 2018 and Beyond

  • Impact of U.S. Tax Reform on U.S. Citizens or Green Cardholders Living in Canada
  • Impact of U.S. Tax Reform of a Canadian Business with a U.S. Subsidiary
  • Impact of U.S. Tax Reform of a U.S. Business with a Canadian Subsidiary
  • Transition Tax, GILTI Tax and BEAT Tax
  • Reduction in Individual and Corporate Tax Rates
  • Taxation of Pass-Through Entities
  • Deduction of Home Mortgage Interest
  • State and Local Tax Deductions
  • New Alimony Rules
  • Standard Deduction and Itemized Deductions
  • Survival of Personal AMT and Repeal of Corporate AMT
  • Estate and Gift Tax
  • New Limitations on Business Losses
  • New Depreciation Rules and Section 179 Expensing
  • Business Interest
  • Modification of NOL Rules
Corporate Tax Course for CPA professionals- Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc

Course Tax 3000: Canadian Corporate Tax Update

  • Bill Morneau's Federal Budget Changes For Private Businesses in Canada
  • Federal Budget Changes for Businesses
  • Private Company Consultation Paper - 3 Big Tax Changes
  • Current Income Splitting/Tax on Split Income Rules
  • Tax Changes for Income Splitting
  • Current Rules: Holding Passive Investments Inside a Private Company
  • Tax Changes for Holding Passive Investments
  • How Private Company Tax Changes will Impact an Estate Freeze
  • CRA Update
  • Tax Integration
  • Changes to Small Business Deduction
  • GST, HST & Excise Tax Update
  • Recent Court Cases
2018 Private Company Tax Issues 2019

Course Tax 3060: Private Company Business Planning & Tax Issues in 2019

  • Critical Issues in Succession Planning
  • A Dive into the Types of Rollover Strategies
  • A Case on each of the Types of Rollover Strategies
  • CRA and Revenue Quebec GST and QST Audit Deficiencies
  • Federal Budget Changes to Estates & Trusts
  • Risk Factors for Tax Audits and Reviews
  • Preparing for Tax Audits and Reviews
  • Best Practices for Planning Family Business Management Over the Long Term
  • Building Significant Wealth and the Capital Gains Deduction
  • Savvy Income Re-Investment Strategies
  • Planning a Successful Lifestyle Now and in Retirement
  • Cost-effective Marketing Tools for the Private Company
  • Top 10 Mistakes Made to Shorten the Life of a Family Business.
Personal Tax for CPA professional- Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc

Course Tax 3050: Canadian Personal Tax Update

  • Federal Budget Changes For Individuals
  • Foreign Reporting T1135 Update
  • Recent Tax Court Cases- Individuals
  • Common Income Tax Errors - Individual Returns
  • Adjusted Cost Basis, Capital Gains and Losses
  • Listed Personal Property vs. Personal Use Property
  • Property Income
  • Gross Up and Dividend Tax Credit
  • Income or Loss From a Business
  • Retirement Savings Plans & Other Special Income Arrangements
  • Employment Income
  • Bonus Arrangements and Non-Salary Compensation
  • Stock Options Public Company vs. CCPC
  • Stand-By Charge
  • Pension Income
  • Foreign Source Income
  • Other Income and Deductions
  • Medical expenses & Political Contributions
  • Taxable vs. Non-Taxable Allowances
  • Taxable Income and Tax Payable for Individuals
  • Loans to Employees
  • Non-Arm Length’s Transfers
  • Death of a Taxpayer
Corp Tax Refresher - Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc.

Course Tax 3054: Corporate Tax Refresher

  • Federal Budget Changes For Businesses
  • Small Business Deduction
  • Taxable Income and Income Tax Payable
  • CCA and Cumulative Eligible Capital
  • Capital Gains versus Dividends; Capital Dividend Account
  • Refundable Dividend Tax on Hand (RDTOH) and Part IV Tax
  • Deemed Dividends and Foreign Tax Credits
  • Eligible vs. Non-Eligible Dividends
  • Associated Company Rules
  • Additional Refundable Tax
  • Personal Services Corporations
  • Manufacturing & Processing Deduction
  • Other Issues in Corporate Tax
  • Corporate Tax and Management Decisions
  • GST / HST Issues
  • SR & ED Update
  • Section 85 Rollovers
U.S. Taxation - Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc.

Course Tax 3055: U.S. Taxation for the Canadian CPA

  • U.S. Personal Taxation for Individuals
    • Gross Income
    • Adjustments and Deductions to Arrive at Taxable Income
    • Passive Activity Losses
    • Loss Limitations
    • Taxation of Retirement Plan Benefits
    • Filing Status and Exemptions
    • Tax Computations and Credits
    • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Tax Depreciation
    • MACRS Depreciation Classes
  • Property Transactions
    • Capital Gains, Capital Losses
  • Corporate Tax
    • Inclusions
    • Deductions, Credits
    • S Corporations
    • C Corporations
  • Partnership Taxation
  • Taxation of Estates and Trusts