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In-House Testimonials - Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc

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I just wanted to say that I think you are the best accounting instructor that I have ever had, and it is very clear that you could teach at any level.

The energy and passion that you have while teaching is amazing and contagious, and it is very evident that you have found your calling in life.  It is really good to see people do what they are meant to do, and it makes me want to ensure that I am following my interests/abilities.

I have never seen anyone have the combined skills of material mastery as well as having the ability to make accounting material interesting by referring to the reasons for the changes as it relates to present day events.  Everyone I talked to said the same thing.  Well done!

Take Care, and I hope we see you here again.

Wayne Skeet, CPA, CMA, CIA
Internal Auditor


You have provided the very effective Accounting & Auditing sessions for us over the past several years that are geared to our client base which has been very productive.

Brad Smith, CPA


You are always a shoe-in for quality and effective learning for our accounting firm.  You have been coming for years to our firm and we love to have you each year. 
Our employees, who are highly skilled, benefit tremendously from your in-depth knowledge of the complexities of U.S. GAAP.

Liz Alter
Education Coordinator


It was an absolute pleasure having you over to conduct the in-house training course, and we are very impressed with your in-depth knowledge and great presentation skills. 
We certainly look forward to having you over again, in the not too distant future.

Thank you once again.

Best regards,

Jehangir Katrak, CPA
Audit Manager


Professional Development


Professional Development Testimonals - Advantage Montreal Seminars Inc.

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I really appreciate your extre effort!  Really enjoyed your ASPE seminar.  I needed to go through those areas top to bottom.  We always say we care going to do some research on new areas and it never gets done. You do a great job of the materials.  I liked the value-added to a seminar with a smaller group size and everyone has experience, so the conversations are really helpful.

I am sure we will be seeing each other in the future! Until then!!!

Terry McTavish, CPA, CGA



I Decided to write personally -- I attended your seminar today at ICPAS on FASB Update. I've attended your ICPAS seminars in past years.

I've done what you do (although not as well) and I know that feedback is very important. I'm a retired CPA who didn't enter accounting until very late in life (I passed the CPA exam after I was 50). Prior to that I was in hospital management (two master's degrees in that area).

You do an outstanding job in these seminars. Teaching is a tricky thing -- you clearly know that telling people how something that is complex, really is very simple (through stories and analogies) -- that's the key to getting your audience to buy into learning what you are teaching. I particularly really like the way you raise your hand -- asking the audience to show their hands - about something you want to get them to relate to. That's effective and it's fun.

I'll close. Just wanted to say these things because you are one of the few presenters who really understands what you're doing. Best regards.

Jim S., CPA


I attended your seminar and I wanted to specifically thank you for the outstanding job you did.

I've been attending these seminars for over 30 years and I believe you are the best instructor I've ever had.  You were engaging, entertaining and simply a pleasure to listen to.  You possess a very thorough knowledge of the subject matter and can articulate your message.

Thank you.


Chuck Christiansen, CPA


Although this is long overdue, I'd like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job here in Minnesota in October.  Comments included:

"Easily the best I've ever seen!  Fascinating and excellent speaker!"

"She was incredibly knowledgeable and answered questions. Definitely very impressive."

"Leah was amazing. Presentation skills and depth of knowledge -- great course!"

Thank you again for contributing to the success of our programs.  I look forward to seeing you in February and working with you again later this year!

You are an excellent instructor and a joy to work with!  You consistenly score near perfect in both presentation and knowledge.  You are incredibly knowledgeable, relate
well with participants and it's obvious you love what you do.  Participants always come back for more!

Heidi Janssen
Education Manager


Friday I was fortunate to attend the PD seminar taught by you.  I want to thank you for being a top quality instructor.  You are the best instructor I've encountered and I will happily attend almost anything you teach.

Your manner of presentation, the quality of your instruction (using examples and encouraging class participation) and respect for the value of our time (by starting on time and controlling break time) all contributed to a very beneficial day.

Thank you!

Susan, CPA


Thank you and I look forward to attending your seminars in the future.  You made Accounting & Auditing really interesting.

Have a great day.

Kathleen Becker, CPA


Again, we LOVE having you come and teach for us and look forward to many more opportunities in the future so we'll be talking again soon!

Kate Cooper
Education Coordinator


Congratulations on winning the Outstanding Discussion Leader award.  It is obvious from the participant evaluations that the award is well deserved.  We are happy to have you teaching in Pennsylvania again this year; it is 11 years now.

Chris Nanni
Education Manager


Thank you very much Leah, I enjoyed your seminar very much and my employer was impressed with the wealth of information I brought back to the office!  I look forward to
attending future seminars with you.

Best regards,

Dianne Duffy, CPA, CGA



This was the best accounting update class I have attended ever since I got my accounting
license.  Being a tax person, I usually lose interest by the morning break.  With your examples, vast knowledge and enthuasism the day flew by.  You are so knowledgeable on every topic presented and answered each question presented to you.  Keep up the great work.

Grant White, CPA
Public Practice

Hi Leah,

The Private Company Business Planning & Tax Issues seminar was excellent in that it covered many topics that are very practical to us as accountants and to us as individuals.  Having partaken in several CRA audits (tax and GST) you offered some very good advice on how to prepare and deal with auditors when the time arises.  Being in my 50's and a business owner you reminded me of some of the things I have to do in the future regarding tax planning through estate freezes and general retirement planning with an eye on minimizing tax.

On a separate note, the Business Valuation seminar was quite detailed and provided some good insights into private company valuation.  Your material has most definetely assisted my initial work of preparing our company's valuation as we are currently in discussion with a potential minority investor (10%) and we are negotiating on valuation and price.

Bob Chorney, CPA, CGA


With the fast pace that accounting and tax rules change one can easily be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of reading material.  It becomes helpful to have a guide to point us in the right direction as to what we need to focus on - That guide : Leah Donti's seminars at Advantage Montreal Seminars.  I have been attending them every year since I began my accounting career.

Ms. Donti's PD courses are concise, straight to the point, and always stimulating.  This makes learning new pronouncements much easier and enjoyable. Her presentations show that she has great knowledge and that she enjoys transferring that knowledge.  We have all experienced dull lecturers who simply read notes in front of the class. This is not the case for Leah's seminars; after each seminar, not only do I feel that I have a greater understanding of the theory, I am also inspired to read and learn more.

Thank-you, Leah.

David Lee, CPA, CGA


I continue to benefit tremendously from the PD courses you host.  While PD courses are a requirement for maintaining the CMS designation, the real value I take away from yours is just how spot-on and relevant the topics are which you cover.  I do relate to and apply both the theories and challenges via the practice exercises to the Real World Business environment.  Your thorough knowledge of the material conbined with confident presentation style make it an engaging and truly learning environment.  Thank you Leah!!

Des Rodrigues, CPA, CMA





You did a fantastic job, especially given that IFRS is such a dense topic, added to the fact that you were the last presenter on the day after the gala dinner.  Phew! That would be tough even for Brad Pitt!  However, your evaluations were all 4s and 5s.

In the interim, I share speaker information with other executive of several accounting organizations, and have already submitted your name with FIVE STARS!

Thanks Again,

Maureen Schwartz
Executive Director

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Just to give you a little feedback ... we presented our "Mock" IFRS Financial Statements (we redid our fiscal 2009) to our audit committee at the end of July.

It was accepted and so all of our positions have been approved.  It was a large team effort here, with a project manager, and I was assigned Foreign Exchange, Consolidation, Investment in Subs and Minority interest, Joint Ventures and Fixed Assets.

The 2 days of IFRS training you conducted provided me with a lot of help to get through this ardous process. We will be going live in parallel as of Octobrt 1st this year, and I can almost say I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks again,

Joey Mitchell, CPA, CMA
Director of Finance

You are the accountant's dream professor!

You are an IFRS encyclopedia with your mastery of the standards including the number of each one.  You are very specific - go into details about the debits and credits.  You are truly an IFRS expert and outstanding instructor.  You kept us involved over the 2 days.
Your knowledge level is out of sight.  In addition, your knowledge on the IFRS impact to various industries is impressive along with real life examples and interaction with participants.

I look forward to doing more training with you and recommending you to my collegues and friends.

Suzanne Cunningham, CPA
Public Practice


Thanks for the great class on Wednesday on IFRS.  I have a hard time remembering a better class I have taken over the years.

I can see that there is much to learn on IFRS and that knowledge will put those accountants who have it well ahead of those who don't.  That class can't be the end for
me, but only the beginning.

Donald Jones, CPA
CPA Public Practice


Thank you again for such an awesome IFRS seminar. I go to lots of seminars, but I can't remember one that I not only learned a lot, but also enjoyed so much as yours today.
Again, please forgive me for asking so many questions.
I have this "need" to attempt to understand what I'm hearing or reading.

Again, thank you.

Bonnie Macklin, CPA, CGA
Public Practice




I took your IQEX prep course back in Feb/March, and I just wanted to let you know that I just got my results back last Thursday and I passed.

Because of the new exam, even though I wrote back on May 9, the results weren't released until just last week, so quite a long wait compared to anyone writing going forward.

There is no way I would have been successful in this exam without your course and guided study strategy, so thank you very much for your time and effort.


Keryn Sulimma, CPA, CA
Dallas, Texas

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As a 54 year old FCA from Nova Scotia, embarking on the process of writing exams again to qualify as a CPA was a bit daunting.  Especially since I had already located to the USA and travel was difficult.  After some research I landed on your live webinar program and contacted you with my situation.  You were so very informative and helpful that the decision to sign up was an easy one.  The live webinar course was very professionally run, very well coordinated.  All material came on time.

The extra materials and questions were very helpful and your support through the whole process invaluable.  The end result was I followed your advice (maybe a bit light on the follow up study) and passed the IQEX exam.  I am on my way to qualifying as a CPA mostly as a result of your efforts and course.

Thank you for everything.  I highly recommend your program to anyone, at any age, who wants to attempt this exam.

Stan Spavold, FCA


I passed the IQEX exam in November 2013 and couldn't have done it without taking the IQEX preparation course with Leah Donti. It was a good kick start to the studying process and gave me a clear idea of what to expect on the exam.
Having no prior knowledge of US accounting and tax laws, Leah's condensed notes and helpful tricks were key to my success!

Carmen Manhas,
CPA, CA, Vancouver


Thank you so much Leah for providing me with all the tools and insights for passing the IQEX exam.  Through your seminar and material, you gave me a clear path to follow and the confidence I needed to pass the exam once and for all.
I also appreciated when you told me that English being a second language was not an impediment for understanding and passing the exam. That's the extra push I needed to stop
making excuses and work harder!

I will make sure I recommend yor seminar with other Institute of Mexico Public Accountants.

Alejandra Haselwood,
Mexican CPA, Hawaii

The IQEX seminar that Leah put together is a comprehensive course that will enable you to understand the process of the exam and how to deal with the challenges of multiple choice
questions and related simulations.  Reading from a book is always difficult, and a live course will help you push over the hurdle of passing the exam.  Leah has been teaching the material for a long time, and has in depth knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Erez Bahar, CPA, CA, Vancouver

My experience with the IQEX program prepared me greatly for the challenging CPA Regulations examination. The program prepared me for the style of exam and questions which were going to be part of the examination and gave me a clear understanding of the nature of the exam and the appropriate methods for preparing and completing the examination.  The program provided instructor led simulations of questions which prepared me for studying and ultimately the examination itself.  The IQEX program was a significant component in my preparation and a key contributor to my passing the examination.

Marco Parente, CPA,CA,

I attended Leah Donti's IQEX preparation course in the summer of 2012.  My experience was very pleasant and extremely helpful in preparing me for the IQEX exam, Leah has a very good way of integrating theory with hands on activities to keep you focused throughout the day as well as retain the information you learn.
Leah did an excellent job of summarizing the important topic areas versus those that were less likely to be tested.  She provided an excellent study book which helped me zero in on key areas of the exam.  Leah also took the time to provide and mark a practice exam which along with her feedback was extremely helpful to me.  I went onto pass the IQEX exam and highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to pass the IQEX exam.

Spencer Leakey, CPA, CA
Nanaimo, BC

Leah's IQEX Seminar was the only reason I was able the IQEX exam. Going into the seminar I had no idea of what to expect in terms of exam structure, exam content and basically everything to do with the IQEX exam.  After taking the seminar I was provided with all the required information I needed to learn and a clear direction for what I needed to do in order to pass the IQEX exam.  Leah provided her own proprietary material and additional valuable resources (summaries, multiple choice and simulations) for studying at home as part of the seminar.  Leah always was available to respond to questions and even after passing the exam she was still a valuable resource in order to find out which states to licence with.  I am very confident that without Leah"s IQEX seminar I wouldn't have had a chance to pass the exam.   Thank you Leah!!

Irfalani Moledina, CPA, CA


Horray!! passed the IQEX exam, Leah!

I was frustrated waiting for the results by mail so I logged onto NASBA and found it online.

Now I don't have to ask you what your policy is regarding 2nd year exam retakes!

I am sooooo excited!  I am SURE I couldn't have passed without you!

Thanks again for all your great coaching!

~a smiling Samuel Glustein, CA~


Leah,,,,just received my results and I passed the IQEX!!! Thank you very much for all your help.  You certainly made the difference for me!!!

It would be my pleasure to be added to your reference list.
You can indicate that I am a senior manager at Deloitte & Touche LLP.

You also helped me succeed on my CMA exams,


Nick Iannotti, CPA, CA, CMA, CPA
Senior Manager

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful IQEX seminar.  You made things clear and concise and if I have any questions I definitely know who to turn to.  Thank you for your time and knowledge!!

Lacey Wells, CPA, CA



Just keeping you updated - I passed the Exam!

Thanks for all your assistance!

Tyler Pocsik, CPA, CA
Calgary, Canada